Another blog on sustainable mobility …. there were not enough already?

This is the view from which is just starting to talk about Elettrocity: news, research, previews and news in this virtual space not want to be a mere “exercise in style”;

blog Elettrocity will be quite an open and free in which “come and peek” What in the world of the “silent revolution” but also, and above all, a real square in which to meet, ask, comment and describe their experiences .

In the potential of electric vehicles we truly believe, more and more citizens (by the Government of the great metropolis to the small town of province) are aware that a change is taking place, that gasoline is a “slavery” from which one can be freed and that electric vehicles are not a reality so far removed from everyday life.

The proof? Shop our electric vehicles, Elettrocitystore, that every day he meets customers intrigued and excited to be agents of change.

This blog opens its “gates” at all, because the dialogue and knowledge are the keys to the discovery of a new world!

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