Bosch Boosts E-MTB Market With New Drive Train

boschThough the features of the Performance Line CX are designed to upgrade the performance of e-MTB the usability is off course not limited to this market category. “As an OEM supplier you never know where your products end up”, said Global Sales and Service manager of Bosch eBike Systems Armin Harttig at the presentation of the Performance Line CX.

Bosch’s new drive train system offers direct response, a significantly higher torque and maximum assistance of up to 300% the Bosch Performance Line CX. “We have taken into account the growing demand for drive systems to be used for sporting purposes,” said Claus Fleischer, Senior Vice President of Bosch eBike Systems.

The torque of the CX line was increased from 60 to 75 Newton meters enabling MTBers to accelerate faster at low cadences especially on steep ascents or out of a bend. Even starting on an uphill slope is no trouble at all. The special feature of the Bosch system is that the torque remains high even at higher cadences and at when starting from standstill.

In Turbo mode the Performance Line CX provides maximum assistance of up to 300%, which is a perceptible improvement on the Performance Line’s peak of 275% and 225% with the Active Line.