Concept the unmanned electric vehicle

Would like to believe that one day transport will different. Giant cars cease to partition off the roadway and smoke,absorbing consuming expensive gasoline or diesel fuel. But,more important,the public transport, which is also required to be clean , comfortable and safe . This assured engineers Induct Technology and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland).
The authors presented developed in conjunction concept Navia . This electric car is slightly larger and more comfortable than a regular taxi. It is closer to the bus, only meant for driving in the warmer months, as it has a body with an open top. In addition, Navia boasts an autonomous navigation system,ie,a vehicle complete without a driver.

For the independent navigation the electric car uses a set of sensors: a laser range finder , GPS, and sensors that produce monitoring acceleration and rotation around all three axes. Navia always know their location,all data on the movement, including the amount of distance traveled . On board the electric car has 8 seats and a top speed of only 20 km / h. But for long distances for such a thing not train.