NEOS – Cool Electric Motorcycle With Sidecar

A couple of years ago, Daniel Munnik designed a pretty cool motorcycle with a modular sidecar, called the NEOS. The combo looks straight out of a big budget sci-fi movie, and the specs mirror the high tech design.

Mind you, it’s only a design, no prototype, but it would be pretty nice to see if this could be made into a real working bike. The motorcycle is enclosed, i.e., it’s really a car with two (in fact three) wheels, and it has a nifty way of adding a sidecar, so it is modular. The dimensions are slightly wider than a real motorcycle, but narrower than a car.


The engine is electric, running on a 3-phase AC induction motor, and using lithium batteries. According to the designer, the bike can travel 260 kilometers on a 2 hour charge (gulp). The motorcycle itself has the complement of a rider’s wish list, like anything you can think of can be found inside; vehicle detection, cameras used as mirrors, Heads Up Display, color touch screens, GPS, etc etc. Only thing missing is a Gatling gun.

The sidecar pod is installed by reversing into a release mechanism, a pole onto which the sidecar is located. The sidecar pod is inserted into the NEOS bike, and you ride away with the sidecar.

All-in-all a nifty and cool futuristic motorcycle and sidecar. But after the initial public viewing, it disappeared from view. No word of it is heard, no further information available. Pity. Would you want to see such a project materialize?