nThree Electric Vehicle Offers The Comfort of A Car with The Cost of An E-Bike

nThree electric vehicle aims to provide you with affordable, personal vehicle that features the comfort of a car yet with the cost of an e-bike. It sounds pretty ambitious and interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s read what these designers have to say about the project.

Following the recent electric revolution of lightweight vehicles around the world, the nThree is a new design, following the very successful nCycle e-bike concept. With the irreversible process of global economies turning towards renewable energy, the way we see and use the city has already changed and is set to do so dramatically in the next few years.

With our increased awareness and sensitivity towards energy consumption, courtesy among others of the most recent economic crisis, in the last 4-5 years, personal transportation has begun a slow but steady drift away from the model we have come to know in the past century. The 10s and hundreds of new e-bikes and electric cars like the Renault Twizy or Toyota i-Road have shown the way to a more personal and conscious approach. Our new concept builds on the characteristics and refines the strengths of these vehicles to bring electric power even closer to the mass market.

Small electric cars, tricycles and quadricycles all suffer from the same inherent drawback; they are meant to be cheap and affordable but they end up being expensive like real cars because they are BUILT like real cars. The mission on the nThree was to address these conceptual and design shortcomings and design an affordable, single-seat electric vehicle that would offer all (or most) of the comforts of an electric car at the cost of an e-bike.

To achieve the objectives, the nThree electric vehicle was built with a simplistic approach reminiscent on the nCycle. In first place, the vehicle was reduced to the most essential stable geometry of three wheels to reduce cost. Even though the latest small electrics are a great way to move around the urban areas, there is something about these offerings that does not look great at all: Price. Starting from about 7000 Euros and above these 1-2 seaters cost almost as much as a cheap standard car and more than many used ones in good condition.

FROM: mdolla.com