Porsche 929 Concept is a 4 Seater Electric Car

Created by designer Julliana Cho, the Porsche 929 concept is an electric 4 seater vehicle with great comfort. The fluid design continues the Porsche legacy, but certainly better than the ugly Panamera did.

Julliana imagines this Porsche concept as a community vehicle, that you share with other members of a car club. They can access the car from a certain docking station that involves a rotating parking structure. This ride uses gullwing doors and measures 4900mm in length, 1270mm in height and has a 2900mm in wheelbase.

It’s very interesting to have the wheels covered only partially by a segment of the car reminding me of that Audi concept from the movie I, Robot, although that R8 I believe had wheels covered completely.

FROM: The-tech-blog.com